3rd MBMS International Blacking Technique Competition


On the 3rd MBMS International Blacking Technique Competition​ people from all around the world and from all communities can show their blacking skills to everyone!

Participants will have to create a Black MIDI based on the task music, which will be scored by the competition judges according to specific criteria.

Info about the rules, song and judges can be found below.

The results of the competition will be announced on this website as well as in a showcase video on the official MBMS YouTube channel within one or two months after the entries close date.


  1. Each contestant is allowed to submit only one submission. Until the entries close they can edit or cancel their submission.
  2. Entries must be submitted from July 1st 2022, 00:00 UTC to September 30th 00:00 UTC.
  3. The submitted MIDI and/or audio must have a note count less or equal to 50 million.
  4. The submitted MIDI and/or audio must have a length less or equal to 5 minutes.
  5. The submitted MIDI and/or audio should only contain the Task Music or rearrangements of it.
  6. The submitted MIDI and/or audio should not contain any information about the author (eg. name, logo, recognizable tune).
  7. Sharing the submission MIDI, in whole or in part, in all media and formats (whether now known or hereafter created) during the submission time period (July 1st, 2022 – September 30th, 2022) is prohibited.

Violation of one or multiple rules stated above will disqualify your submission.


  1. Mixing other songs in whole or in part is not allowed.
  2. Usage of any General MIDI instrument is allowed.
  3. A submission can be made any time within the submission time period.

Task Music

Song: Voyage Between Space / Time

Author: TrinaLydia

Each contestant will be given one MIDI containing the main melody, one MIDI containing the chords and one MP3 file containing the song. Usage of any of the mentioned files is optional, as long as the submission follows the rules.

The version that the contestants will be asked to black is shorter than the original song, although they are free to extend it.



Each MIDI submitted will be scored according to the following 10 criteria:

  1. Melody / Song-MIDI Fitting (10 pts)
  2. Audio Clarity (10 pts)
  3. Audio Fill (10 pts)
  4. Audio Variety/Creativity (10 pts)
  5. Audio-Visual Balance (10 pts)
  6. Visuals (10 pts)
  7. Visual Variety/Creativity (10 pts)
  8. Transitions (10 pts)
  9. Weight distribution (10 pts)
  10. Structure (10 pts)

Total Score per Judge: 100 points

TOTAL SCORE: 1000 points


In order to take part in the competition you will need the following archive. In it you can find the task music in MP3 and MIDI forms to use as a base for your submission.

Once you are ready to submit your MIDI, you will need to enter the MBMS Portal so you can send your entry. Until the entries close, you will be able to edit or cancel your submission.